I was reading today another article on Soy..... Seems to me the food and drug administration in the US and the Health protection branch in Canada are doing there damnedest to poison the food supply...and to create severe problems for the people of the their respective countries. Now you ask me why do I say this .... In Europe they have been studying why there is an upswing in birth defects especially those of the males ( they have seen a rise in hypospadias.....this is where the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the male penis) They have attributed this to Soy and pesticides ( usually soy based) Now it amazes me that anyone can come along and make claims about genisten and daizaden and how wonderful these phytoestrogens will benefit males in reducing testosterone which in turn is supposed to relieve or offset prostrate cancer ...nothing could be further from the truth if anything they will make this worse...as for women this to will increase your cancer risk significantly in the breast uterus and cervix...wonderful food eh and then you have moms convinced that giving soy milk is better then cows milk!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A SALES PITCH TO SAY THE LEAST...moms do your sons a favor give them rice milk ..almond milk.. sesame and pumpkin seed milk.. possibly goats milk or raw cows milk which hasn't had any milk producing hormone pumped into it...if you give them soy you will 1) impede there ability to have the right amount of testosterone to produce a healthy immune system for the male physiology 2) without the right amount of T ( testosterone) in there diet they cannot develop properly as normal males with normal sex organs 3) there brains will not be able to function as it should due to the imbalance of the male hormones they should have, and that are required for them to solve and figure things out ( test were done on rats in mazes with the males and females when the males had there hormonal levels where they should the males were able to figure out the maze quicker and easier then the females...but when they were given a diet that was high in estrogen they got misty and confused and could not figure out the maze any better then the females) so do you want a dummy for a son give them there ration of soy milk or tofu or hvp or vege oil or tvp or artificial flavourings ...If this seems a bit harsh it is because it will leave a message inside of you that what you feed your families could be the difference between being hooked on pharmaceuticals( drugs from your pharmacist and doctors) or a free life of drugs

Again you might ask why I point this out well it is because of Codex coming over from Europe to the north american continent and they are going to regulate for you how and what you can buy as a "safe food" or a "safe supplement" these institutions have never had any regard for our safety ...in fact now they have found a way with nano technology to increase the potency of pesticides and herbicides with less of the chemical ..yippee now they can increase the dose of the poison with less, and hook us faster on there drugs or reduce the "herd" ( us) quicker and quieter without anyone being the wiser and in about 5-10 years they will come up with a study on how dangerous this stuff is and as a result the soil is totally devoid of any life giving properties and now food will cost 10X'S MORE AS A RESULT DUE TO THE FACT THAT MOST THINGS ARE TO POISONOUS TO CONSUME... but what they hell eh, we will let the next generation come up with a solution...where have I heard this before ...at the rate this continues between the food toxicity that exist now and with this new tech in place death tolls from "new diseases" will also be on the rise. before you call me a fatalist remember the oil industry the auto industry and alot of other manufacturing industries had started to clean up there messes in the late 70's and early eighties. but when they realized the extent of the clean up and what it was costing they did a good p.r. and all of a sudden nothing more has been done and in fact they said we will have to figure a better tech in the future to resolve this.....where  or when is this future?????

hope we are around to see it....