Body building Techniques

Young guys want to get bigger and older guys just want to maintain or get smaller...go figure eh!!!! hahaha it's an old adage in the iron game when you are younger you want to be big and strong to impress woman, and to have an edge in sports  or some kind of competition, and when you get older you get tired of carrying all that weight so you, "lighten up" to bad we couldn't do that when we are younger the we would all realize the Main muscle to build up that impresses every one is our......WALLET hahahhaha

ok here are some pointers that I have consulted with others in the past and have worked rather well Now these are all suggestions you will have to tweak it to your best methods for you give or take a set or rep so nothing is Gospel here just what I have seen work and work effectively...remember there are 3 key things to do if you want to see results...#1 train and don't OVER DO IT!!!!!!!!!! #2 EAT ..you have to eat and the gest of it should be balanced with protein, now the norm is 1.8 grams per pound of body weight now again this is a suggestion the way you train and the level you train will determine your needs of protein as well as "age factors" and what I call............

 "life factors" not everyone trains 2 times a day and parties all night for the most part most of us Work 10-12 hours a day and then want to hit some kind of training...be realistic here if you have that kind of day then probably a light to moderate work out or exercise is all you need. #3 REST you need to sleep properly and restfully, recovery is just as important as the other 2 if not more so...you get bigger as a result of the repairing the muscle after it has been worked not while it's working so REST

Training Technique: 1-2 sets of dumb bell flyes 8-10 reps with a moderate weight, with 1-2 sets of dips with a 10-20 lb dumb bell straddled between your legs or hanging on your neck 8-12 max.

Followed by leg presses and leg curls and front leg extensions, with core work in between the movements. Pulldowns 8-10

@ 2 sets, and shoulder presses either with dumb bells 20-30 lbs 8-10 or, big bar presses 100lb ( if you can do it if not use a (LIGHTER WEIGHT). Reverse hypers and regular hyperextensions and that should do it again change your routines every 4-6 weeks.

THE MASSIVE ONES... this is for those of you who want to get "BIG" now there is a theory here that less is more, so here is the gest of this, do less but lift heavy and you will see growth.... but by training  this way, no more then 3-4 weeks tops and then you go back to light routines {reason being you will tap yourself out if you go beyond this time frame and you will wind up sick as a result of your central nervous system constantly being tapped into}

NOW for the big GRROWTHH exercises this is one technique and works well for the guys (gals) starting for the size factor NO MORE THEN 2 Exercises per muscle group and no more then 5 per set...Example dips 30-40lb( or heavier if you can handle this) for 2 sets of 5 then, flyes no more then 2 sets.( some of you think I am crazy) you will see why I say no more then 2 of 2. Second Pulldowns (do a weight that you will struggle with for 5),  then shoulder presses unilateral( meaning one arm at a time or with dumb bells), again with a weight that is a fight to get 5 done.

Legs Either POWERLIFTS or SQUATS NOT BOTH!!!!!!,  and or leg extensions, and leg curls, or bulgarian lunges again no more then 5 @ 2 sets.

For the back LYING face down on bench arms full extended and you pull either Dumb bells or big bar to you, to the top, and hold, and bring down to the count of 4. Good mornings again 2 sets of 5.

now some of you are saying "this is to little" ..All I have to say is that those who stick to these and only do this twice a week ( yep only 2 times a week as well)

see growth and power. The reason you only do this the way I suggest, is that you are lifting 100% or better, and that the weights are so heavy that it takes you about  4 days to recover for the next workout.  The reason you aren't doing benching and shoulder presses,  is due to the fact you are working the same muscle groups, the idea here is not to OVERWORK the same muscles, and to use  some form of agonist,  antagonist muscle work

( opposite muscles or front and back e.g bicep and tricep...quad and hamstring...midsection and lower back etc) notice there are no bicep movement here or tricep that's because with the pulldowns and dips you will get all you need as well as the back w/o ( laying on bench facedown......)   and another 2 Keys here are REST and FOOD.

Now I also had guys on a weight gainer this is how I suggest they take this, ( don't do the label thing you will just pass most of it out the back door ...waste of money...Product ) I suggested and seen the most results( 900 guys and even hardgainers  gained on this) was Mammoth 2500  (any weight gainer will do they are pretty much the same)

w/o days 2 scoops after breakfast

2scoops 1 hour before w/o 2scoops after w/o and 2 scoops after dinner MIX WITH JUICE OR WATER(if it's a chocolate flavour )NO MILK...None!!!!! ON A NON w/o days 2 scoops AFTER breakfact and 2 scoops AFTER dinner the average gain "DRUG FREE" was 10-13 lb even a hardgainer who never gained an ounce gained 6 lbs the first time ever. Again this was with over 900 guys who tried these methods and their feedback.