Things observed and that can make you go hmmm..........

ever get a conflicting report on a herb or a supplement  and you see an ad or picture of some kind in the media stating there's a "DANGER" reminds you of lost in space with the robot and will robinson" DANGER DANGER wil robinson advise you take caution" well the 2nd part is true always be cautious of 2 things ...overrating a supplement ...which alot of MLM's do saying there's is the highest potency or the better quality...or made from the finest and purest sources...When you read this something should go off in your head and say " DANGER DANGER" Now the funny thing is some will say they have all the latest studies and some will even have a doctor endorse there products.....or even give you someone who is supposed to be someone important who is some kind of an authority.... MAKES me laugh with amusement sometimes and makes me wonder how institutions like CODEX or the FDA can make claims on vitamins that they do or how they want to "Regulate" a food source before you know it they will tell you how much caffeine you are allowed to take in your tea and coffee...all a bunch of Bunk.

I am not saying that there are not legitimate studies out there to actually verify some of these claims ...what I am saying is read the labels on what you are buying ...research the supplements and read everything from conventional to unconventional resources and then test for your self  what is the real deal in the things you use...and never let anyone REGULATE you ...A) you are not children who need to be regulated. B) least of all most of you can read at an 8th grade level ( or even higher) so by all means read and learn what is real...now remember alot of sites will give you sound info on there product lines ...doesn't mean there's are the only ones that are the best ( remember everyone there is out to make some kind of profit ...so naturally theirs is the best) C) freedom of choice is your right don't throw it away for the sake of laziness ( safety, I think is the term most Mutli-nationals sell us on in the face of taking away something from you to market you there BS e.g. look at all the drugs ( statin drugs) that were used for reducing cholesterol they made a stink of red rice yeast which had a natural statin in it ( safety levels balanced with other ingredients naturally occurring to balance the statins ) and wanted to remove it from the shelves of the health food store...guess what the drugs were killing people left right and center now you don't hear to much about the statins do you? guess what though you can buy the red rice yeast supplement again makes you go hmmmm.......the big kick is though it was the FDA and CODEX that said it was ok to market these drugs one ok'd it in Europe and the other in the WEST...and these are the institutions that want to regulate our choice(s) again makes you want to go hmmmmm 














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