I was reading the other day a magazine ...a good one in my humble opinion, on ADD and was written from Australia....What amazed me is what I have said here for  years and now the aussies are also saying it ...there is no such thing as ADD or ADHD. Now some of you will say "what but my doctor has been prescribing .....x y and zed( zee for the americans) for years and now you are saying there is no such thing??!!! well yep I would not only say this but I would also say that there are alot of things that we are being told that is also questionable, for instance that we are GENETICALLY predisposed to being afflicted to whatever disease is on the horizon ( heart cancer cholesterol ...and the list goes on). ALL I have to say is BULL SH#@. Now lets take a look at the first thing about ADD AND ADHD...:I will quote something here..."THOSE WHO DON'T READ THERE HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT"  what's this got to do with this??....hmmmmmm let me see create a problem, cause a fear and emotional outrage, reduce rational thinking, and walla you have a addictive person waiting for you to experiment on and they will even pay you to do this to signs of false hope just so they can have you at there leisure...just to see what the drugs will do and once they have enough  data on the drug and it's effects we then can make it a constant cash cow....think I am kidding....look at aspirin ..using 80 mgs a day is supposed to reduce heart problems this was told about 30 years ago in the west and so everyone past a certain age got on the band wagon and aspirin sales were going through the roof.....and then  remarkable thing happened people started dying of aspirin due to internal bleeding it became a killer but did people stop it's use ...not nearly enough  talk to the older people  who got on this there still "hooked" now back to  AD and ADH the aussie report specifically has proved more kids are on the damnable ritalin then are in the US convienant eh! do your test on cultures that are isolated and unaware of the implications of the drug ...( WHICH BY THE WAY MIMICS THE EFFECT OF COCAINE) SECONDLY IT DAMAGES THE BRAINS OF DEVELOPING CHILDREN REDUCING THERE ABILITY TO CREATE AND THERE ABILITY TO BE FREE IN THOUGHT SUBJECTING TO PHYSICAL BRAIN DAMAGE.....and makes them more condusive to the behavourial patterns that is required of them...IN OTHER WORDS THEY HAVE NO PERSONA OF THERE OWN THEY ARE PROGRAMMED LIFE FORMS DOING THE BIDDING OF THE DRUG SUPPLIERS ( THE PHARMA NATIONALS AND LET ME NOT FORGET THE MULTINATIONALS WHO ARE INVESTING OR HAVE INVESTED IN THE ACCEPTANCE OF THIS DRUG IN A GLOBAL SOCIETY) You ask as well what are we to do with our children...the answer is quite simple ...."LET THEM BE" if you were going to bring a life on this planet then act responsibly kids are going to be kids give them the vitamins ( B complex especially choline, inositol, B12, B1, B6, with vitamin C) they need to develop proper brain functions as well as the right type of fats ( and I don't mean canola or vegetable oil or margarine either) let them explore there curiousity and be there ( BE THERE!!!!!!) with them this will reinforce bonds and confidence and let them be kids they only have a short time then they will be part of this world in which we left them be a part of a cog in the world of greed rather then need and never surrender yourself or your RIGHTS of your children to have this time in life.. if a teacher recommends your kids to go on ritalin or any other psycho drug created by the geniuses of the pharma nationals tell this person very adequately to KISS YOUR BACKSIDE!!! and then ask them for some background medical training certifications that qualify them and then do your research...and ask them if their kids was ever on the crap or are their kids zombies as well.... the reason I get a wee bit heated here is I have been in the health food industry.. and 1 day 6 kids walked in with an alarmed adult about what could be done ..I was so pissed off with what I had see with the side effects ( each one had a different specific side effect so they all had to be suggested something different) but they all had one thing in common all were withdrawn and all were introverted and somewhat afraid ...READ YOUR HISTORY THOSE WHO ARE IN CHARGE HAVE MORE THEN ONCE BETRAYED OUR HEALTH FOR THE SAKE OF INVESTMENT AND PROFIT SHARING FROM PHARMA NATIONALS ...DON'T BE A DOPE AND DON'T SURRENDER YOUR RIGHT OF CHOICE ....JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS












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