This is Health and the secrets of health

This is Health and the secrets of health

What this web page will hope to accomplish

Better understanding about what health is

Why you should listen to me and why you shouldn't

Why? because of my experience in Alternatives (30 years experience)

Why you shouldn't? ( I don't know everything despite my experience)

Background : Mediterranean...grew  up in USA and Canada

What I have learned and seen!



DIS-EASES Are all curable

Cancer is very Treatable and Cureable


The consumer has been BS'd to death with alot of pseudoscience

Things you should know about prevention!!!!

All DIS-EASES are Preventable

Saturated Fats are NEEDED to Maintain good health

With the right Ingredients your body could regenerate Indefinitely...example of this are oxygen and aminos in right proportions with the right fats and minimal sugars.. certain cells have been kept alive long after the death of an animal for over 30 years

FASTING can and will save your life

Mediterranean diets  as well as Asian and Near east Asian diets are similar in that the diets are rich in antioxidants and preventatives that protect the body from toxins and poisons in the foods they eat (potential toxins)

What is not being told to the western cultures is that Asians have 3-4 X's higher accounts of cancer from Soy products then western women in the pancreas, esophagus, intestines, and thyroid

Organic = Carbon Based...this applies to anything that is a carbohydrate ( veges, fruits, and grains) nothing states that it is chemical or pesticide free, or genetically free it is implied therefore you think it is safe

Info of this has been known ...since the dawn of time

Antioxidants and other Body Cleaners are Key to a DIS-EASE Free Body

The One thing in common with all cultures from anywhere in the world is to be clean internally and externally

Pollutants and Chemicals are the key disasters to a dysfunctional immune system

Foods laced with hormones and xeno-estrogens are causing havoc in your system

SOY is not the wonder food that you think it is if anything it is a depletory of vital minerals that are needed to maintain the right bio-electric field needed and required for a health immune system as well as a proper running nervous system

Multinationals in certain bio engineering areas of agriculture are not concerned about you or whether you eat ORGANIC or NONE Organic foods ( they are both essentially the same)

Pesticides are ever being used whether intentionally or otherwise just by proximity to others who use them

Alot here and there is more alot more.. did you know for about 2-3.00$ 's a day you can take a cancer preventative .....and you can get them at a grocery store.. Apples and Garlic eaten raw and peeled( yep peel the apples they are mostly imported nowadays and usually have some kind of spraying whether it's acceptable or not and when coated with wax it seals the poisons til it enters your gut and then the oils mixed with chemicals gives your liver a problem not worth it....better to peel and eat them together makes for a good synergy


My intent is to give any and all info I get or have attained over the years to everyone freely.. no charge no 1-900# nada if I do make any financial gain here it will be due to the fact that I will be in a consulting manner in either doing workshops or seminar or personal consulting in area of health or in making your own herbal combo's ...compounding your own supplements ...or teaching you how to make your own tinctures creams, and how to get the most effective use out of the supplements you are already taking

I will start ..with a workshop I did several weeks ago...THIS is what was covered.....





Now I have to tell you.... this is all on your own ..and if you do have health issues seek a UNBIASED MD. who is not afraid or unopposed to practicing there Oath on health...or willing to explore in your best interest your complete Healing or maintaining a healthy life style...these are all suggestions based on what I have either personally have seen or EXPERIENCED and all I can do is share this info.. It's up to you to know yourself and your limitations.. always always, in any new adventure take it slow and in low doses till you see an effect ( good or bad) and from there either maintain dose ( for only a period of time) or reduce it or stop completely 


There are answer(s) and you can have them too! 

o       Alternatives to Soy and Dairy

o       How to make your own supplements

o       What to buy in the grocery store that is effective and affordable (example..a vege that fights cancer and cost under a 1.00$

o       What does organic really mean and where did that term come from?

o       How to make a good chelator with things you can purchase from the grocery store

o       How to read a supplement container it what they don tell you that should alarm you

o       How to combine supplements and herbals that can combat effectively health issues

o       How to make tinctures and creams

o       FASTING and why you should do it regularly

o       Exercise Ohhhhhhhh the dreaded word and why it good to do and how little is required for fitness

o     Questions and Answers


  Almond Milk or Seed milk Principle way to make?

Amount of almonds needed ?about  8-12 seeds

Amount of pumpkin seeds needed  about  1/8 cup

Amount of sunflower seeds same as pumpkin

Amount of Millet same as pumpkin

Amount of rice same as pumpkin

Amount of barley same as pumpkin

Or any other seed  explore and share


   This recipe uses almond but you can substitute other seed or combine together for combo

Let the almonds  ( or other seed or grains you might want to explore ) sit in a glass container or Jar over night ( you can do it in a shorter period of time but you might find it takes longer to blend  and mix) the next day blend mix with your favourite sweetener ( Unpasteurized honey, xylitol, maple syrup, corn syrup ?whatever you would like or even use unsweetened)   Add xanthium gum as a binder it keeps every thing together

Blend til smooth and add water as you blend til you fill to top of blender? blend til smooth

Stop pour out into another container ( preferably glass) refrigerate and drink or drink straight from the blender either way you will love it


  Anti Cancer formula Milk

Use bitter almond and sweet almond and vitamin C together let soak over night blend the next day and use just like the other seed milks.

Amount of bitter almond is about half  of what you use of the sweet and the sweet is the same vitamin C amount is a minimal of 2 grams ( 2000 milligrams) 

  What to buy in a grocery store that is a potent Anti cancer fighter.. and is under a dollar?

Parsley and Garlic.. each have anti cancer fighting ingredients and can be bought for under a dollar when made into juices or eaten raw with a apple ( garlic ) it is a heavy duty antioxidant for the liver lungs immune system hair nails respiratory the 2  of them have a synergy ( meaning on there own there good but together they compliment each other and then are more effective )parsley can be blended or juiced and with cilantro are also effective on the immune system and can possibly remove toxic metals from your system 

  Chelator Formula? toxin remover and blood vessel cleaner- 

Apple ---Peeled (should be peeled due to the toxic effects of the skin

Garlic--- as previously mentioned but it to has an increasing effect on L glutathione

Main antioxidant in the system also a sulfur containing food that is a chelator on its own

Vitamin C--- 2 grams ( 2000 mgs)
Magnesium--- 500mgs Metal binder like C but it also does about 300 other functions in the body as well as nourishes a good part of the skeletal area

H2O2 food grade --- Food grade hydrogen peroxide 2-3 drops anti viral anti bacterial anti fungal anti HIV anti cancer anti aids anti negative but you have to have Vitamin C with it to clean up H2O2 s free radicals

baking soda and citric acid 

Blend the apple and garlic til smooth ( use water or juice as long as its NOT GRAPE OR BEET AND NO IRON OF ANY KIND FOR AT LEAST 2 HOURS) IRON WILL OXIDIZE IN THE STOMACH IF YOU MIX ANY OF THIS WITH IT ( NO GREEN VEGS EITHER) also add magnesium and vitamin C while blending 

When blended add 2 drops of H2O2 stir ad citric acid 1/8 of a teaspoon or less

Same with baking soda stir vigorously and when foaming drink right away

You might feel the effect almost immediately 


What does it mean? IT MEANS Carbon based.... its a catch phrase designed by the multinationals to exploit people into thinking that organic is safe or free of pesticides or even good for you

Definition of the word could apply to any vege or fruit, herb or spice that is grown in nature

The implication is what is selling these products, not anything else.

Is a store bought produce any better ( or worse then what is bought on a farm straight from a farmer) ? based on this the answer would be NO, is it better or worse then your health food store again the answer is NO, its a game of semantics don't be deceived if something is pesticide free it should say this not Organic if it is whole  and pure it should say this as well be wary of the new age old adage selling  game  

Replenish and maintain soil fertility;

Avoid the use of known and perceived toxic and persistent chemical pesticides and fertilizers:  ( does not mean chemical free or toxic free, just means what is known to be is not used or even something else)

Alternate the crops grown in each field, rather than growing the same crop year after year.

Plant cover crops such as clover to add nutrients to the soil and prevent weeds;

Or Soy ( the only real use that it should be used in most places to replenish nitrogen in soil, and only sparingly)

May release beneficial insects to prey on pests, helping to eliminate the need for chemical insecticides that can remain in soil for years;

Add composted manure and plant wastes to help the soil retain moisture and nutrients.

Another tidbit

A "natural" label does not guarantee the product has been organically produced and processed according to the rules of a private certification entity. A "natural" label does mean that there has been a minimization of synthetic inputs and that it may have been produced and processed according to the rules of a private certification entity. In some cases, products labeled as "natural" have possibly originated from growing and processing operations that are phasing into organic production but have yet to achieve a certifiable status.  


  How to read a Vitamin Label

When you see a list of vitamins especially oil based supplements ( omegas or vitamin E or supplements that are combined such as CQ10 and a fat read carefully) when they list no wheat dairy etc if they say no soy then it should be soy free provided they don't say natural flavour( unless they specify the flavour  e.g. vanilla) or color  ( again unless they describe the colour ?e.g annatto) if you see food color red or yellow then stay away especially if you are asthmatic  or have a liver problem ( this would also apply to pharmaceuticals) yellow number 5 can bring on a asthma attack and reds can cause cancer or liver damage especially red # 40 Use alternatives e.g. most vitamin Es are soy based but some are either rice bran or palm oil based or wheat germ based ( way way better source) 

  Making your Own remedies or tinctures

Ok now you are in the big leagues now so when you make these tinctures remember they are Mother Tinctures ( undiluted and un cut so you only use what you need not 30-50 drops more like 1-10 maximum) again use discreetly they are extremely powerful

Ok this is how you can do this pick your favourite Herb ( example rosemary) or your favourite tea ( e.g. green tea) find IT AS FRESH and AS CLEAN AS POSSIBLE .. if you can't then use Dry herbs it will be just as effective

Buy either a grain alcohol ( 190 proof everclear or the stuff from Poland) or use either Polar Ice, Smirnoff or any vodka that specifies it has been distilled either 3-4 times and has been filtered 3-4 times )

Place your herbs or spices in the alcohol in an enclosed jar for at least 4 weeks ( some sources say 2 I have found for a real potent tincture 4 is essential) shake occasional( give about 20 -80 shakes) as often as you remember   then in 4 weeks blend then strain put in your bottles and label. You can also use grapefruit seed extract to preserve or just bottle it by it self it can last for years ( I have some that are 4-5 years old and still have a potent kick)    

  Creams and lotions

Utilize an oil( grapeseed, olive, sunflower, almond) cooking oils use a herb or flower or anything you might want to use as a source of a healthy skin ( you can utilize the herbs from your tincture after you use them) put oil and herbs in a glass jar, heat water and place jar in the pot and let simmer ( light boil) for 3 hours  you will see the plant blend with the oil add either coconut, or  palm oil shred some beeswax with about a shot of your alcohol( yep vodka or whatever you used) put in after you strain the oil from the materials heat again till wax and coconut ( palm) oil melt and mix then when cooling add your favourite essential oil ( cream or lotion is all based on the amount of oil and wax ratio you use so explore) 


The ultimate healer fasting should be done for a lot of reasons mainly for health and welfare when you fast the body rids itself of a lot of unwanted build up of foods and debris as well as toxic materials one might be exposed too


Juice fasting whereby you drink juice all day and nothing solid other then juice

Water fasting ( same as above but you use only water)

Vege fast where you take a day and only consume veges

Pure fast? nothing in and toxins out this is dramatic for some so if you never did this try the previous  fast(s) first and once you have overcome some of the psychological anxieties( which are all bs  but your head will talk to you about you starving) then go for the pure fast

  Symptoms of fasting for 1st timers tingling of hands and feet drop in body temperature possible headaches( symptom of poisons in the body) Lack of energy( definitely minimize activities when trying this for the first time you will feel weak) do for 24 hours to complete? if it becomes to overwhelming (due to emotions or psychological angst then break it off ? if you think it can be to much after trying the other type(s) of fast then do it for say 5-6 hours then break it next time you try go for 12 hours ..then next time keep adding it til you reach the 24 hour time frame and do this whenever you feel the need

  Usually when starting fast there are varying opinions how you should start for a 24 hour fast not much is really needed in preparation except to have your self fortified for the 24 hours but if you extend this for a long period of time then you should take the time to prepare properly to get the most out of your fasting experience Remember when incorporating any kind of alternative(s) the biggest problem will be ignorance and bad programming ( bad info that has no fact but a lot of hearsay or even marketing hype we have come to accept as truth which is anything but 


OHHHHHHH the awful word

What it really means Physical Mental or Spiritual activities or disciplines that promotes health? WOW what a statement

Lets say your job is very physically demanding do you need to lift weights run or jog or do anything extremely strenuous... Probably not what might be better is a light activity ( walking or doing breathing exercises, stretching for example) that will benefit you more due to the fact of other physical laboring you may need to rest more and utilize a more balanced eating habits) eating to help restore the physical part of the system rather then breaking it down more and resting properly

Lets say you sit all day utilizing a lot of mental activity then maybe walking  or cycling  might be a more effective form of exercising or any other type of physical endeavor you enjoy ( golf ,ping pong tennis or baseball just to name a few ) this could in itself revitalize you and again proper eating ( Notice in both instances the word DIET doesn't come to play at all!!!!!)

Lets say you are seeking a path of spiritual enlightenment then you are already practicing a discipline but you might need to be a bit more physical to maintain an earthly balance then maybe weightlifting or rock climbing or something really challenging for about a 30 minutes interval would be sufficient  and again balanced eating habits this would do a body good

Again these are all just guides doesn't mean you should only do this if you do that ?.this just means don't over due anything do things that will promote VITALITY choose what you like and do it basketball swimming anything that can refresh you and stimulate you enough to bring the desired effect of health and fitness that's all that is required ?Never look at this as a duty or another job but rather a pleasant distraction this in itself can feel like your meditating and your mind gets a boost and feels refreshed  as well as everything else

Now I have to tell you.... this is all on your own ..and if you do have health issues seek a UNBIASED HEALER. {alternative or conventional} who is not afraid or unopposed to practicing there Oath on health{NEVER TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE WEAK}...or willing to explore in your best interest your complete Healing or maintaining a healthy life style...these are all suggestions based on what I have either personally have seen or EXPERIENCED and all I can do is share this info.. It's up to you to know yourself and your limitations.. always always, in any new adventure take it slow and in low doses till you see an effect ( good or bad) and from there either maintain dose ( for only a period of time) or reduce it or stop completely

 Comments: if you have any suggestions on what you might want to know or how to apply or utilize certain things you might have bought by all means email me and I will put this on the page