Sleep---Does Not Equal rest!!!

We all need to rest and recharge---GH – Growth Hormone- is a Hormone of regeneration repair and Growth---and is usually released either through extreme stress or deep sleep and or through starvation or diminished food intake---so it is critical to give our systems the ability to rest---and Sleep is the route most of us can do and if not ---then this will be some ideas you can use—

Recipe #1 Iodine 2 drops---3 grams of Vitamin C—1 dropper of cesium Chloride ( or magnesium citrate 100-200 mgs or potassium citrate 200mgs or put in both ) 2 ounces of water ---stir and mix quickly and while this is fizzing down it ---then proceed to burp and go and lay down ---this will put you into a deep restful sleep

Recipe # 2 galangal/cayenne tincture---apply 3 drops into either honey or oil and swallow---this to increases the level of how deep the sleep is

Recipe #3 a mixture of aminos such as trytophan and gaba will increase the level of sleep 500 mgs of trytophan before sleep--- take gaba 500mgs & 500 mgs of niacinamide---this to will increase the deepness of sleep---taurine 500mgs & 500mgs magnesium citrate & inositol 500mgs this will initiate sleep

Recipe #4..Using melatonin 3-10 mgs can as well be used to induce a deep sleep –draw back with this is that if you need to be up at a certain time frame this can have a groggy like effect for several hours after arising

Recipe #5Herbal teas such as chamomile---valerian—hops----skullcap---st john’s wort---passion flower---motherwort---kava kava—peppermint- lavender- take singularly or in combo to induce the ability to wind down and sleep and to be able to get into that level of sleep you need to rest

Hypothetical Time Stage Duration Brain Waves Description

11.00 PM Drowsiness: Varies Alpha Waves

Theta Waves There is a drifting feeling and the eyes are closed. Muscles are relaxed. The individual is still alert to the environment.

11.15 PM Stage 1: 1 - 3 minutes Theta Waves A transition from waking to sleeping characterized by further relaxation of the Muscles and slow movements of the Eyeballs back and forth.

11.17 PM Stage 2: 10 minutes Beta Waves

(Sleep Spindles) Metabolic activity decreases. Blood Pressure and Heartbeat rate decrease. The individual can still be awakened and is sensitive to noise during this period. Muscle are further relaxed. No Eyeball movement. Leg twitches occur during this phase of Sleep.

11.27 PM Stage 3

Deep Sleep 5 - 15 minutes Delta Waves Human Growth Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone are released from the Pituitary Gland during this phase of Sleep.

11.37 PM Stage 4

Deep Sleep 30 minutes Delta Waves Restorative Sleep Phase during which cells repair and rejuvenate themselves. This is the deepest phase of Sleep. Human Growth Hormone is released from the Pituitary Gland during this phase of Sleep.

12.07 AM Stage 3 10 minutes Delta Waves

12.17 AM Stage 2 10 minutes Beta Waves

12.27 AM REM Sleep: 20 minutes Theta Waves Muscles are relaxed but Brain Waves quicken (likened to Stage 1 Sleep). Increased blood circulation to the Brain. Breathing quickens while Blood Pressure and Heartbeat rate increase. Men experience Erections. Dreaming occurs during this phase.

12.47 AM Stage 2 25 minutes Beta Waves This cycle of Stage 2 Sleep is when most people are likely to grind their teeth, walk, or talk in their Sleep.

1.12 AM Stage 3 7 minutes Delta Waves

1.19 AM Stage 4

Deep Sleep 10 minutes Delta Waves

1.29 AM Stage 3 5 minutes Delta Waves

1.34 AM Stage 2 5 minutes Beta Waves

1.39 AM REM Sleep 15 minutes Theta Waves

1.54 AM For the rest of the Night the body alternates between Stage 2 Sleep and REM Sleep until awakening (People who remember their Dreams are most likely to have awoken during REM Sleep).