Eating Soy poisoned my wife, Deanna (Deonaa), and also caused her cancer cells to grow, and was the major contributing cause in her death from breast, bone and latter liver cancer on Dec 15, 2002.  The soy industry and all of its supporters, (referred to as the “Participants” on page 118), stole from us our happiness and our future together.  I can prove it, and I have the tumor marker blood tests, CEA and CA 15.3, to prove it.  It was a very slow, painful death that could have been easily avoided, if they, the our Doctor and the dietitian for the patients at UBC Hospital in Vancouver, BC would have listened to me, when Deanna was in the hospital. ---We were married for 36 and 1/2 years, and we dated for 4 and 1/2 years in high school before we got married. Deonaa - (Deonaa) discovered a breast lump in the summer of 1996. She was afraid and didn’t tell me about it until the end of Jan. 1997.  She went to the Medical Doctor for it in Feb. 1997, had mammogram, blood tests, biopsy, and ultrasound for the breast lump. She did not want to have an operation of any type, no chemotherapy or  radiation, and no more x-rays. From what she was told, these tests could not tell if her breast lump was cancerous.  This is when she insisted that we starting eating soy, soy milk, soy burgers, etc.---- She tried to do the holistic approach from what she could find out and read about. Everything she found to read convened her to eat soy, and insisted that I eat soy as well.  She read a lot of books on the topic of cancer and breast cancer, and she said that there was a lot of contradictory information on the topic. She had to sort things out, decide what to do, the best she could.  She had no real guidance on the best holistic.  She knew that the mainstream medical system had no real answers.  Her approach before the operation didn’t do any good because she didn’t have any good guidance from anyone with holistic experience.  Her approach was hit and miss, fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak.  It wasn’t until a couple of weeks after her back operation, May 1999, that she found real guidance in the holistic approach to cancer from The Centre For Integrated Healing” in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Dr. R. Rogers was her Doctor there.  But the Centre also recommended soy for their cancer patients in their Healthful Fruits and Vegetables list of recommend foods to eat. From the Centre, she used 714x, Hydrazine Sulfate, and eventually Escador. We finally thought she was on the right track. Over the next year, she recovered from the operation about 98%. She was also taking Tamoxifen from the BC Cancer Agency. But no one, not anyone, had ever told us that the scientific research has proven for 40 years that soy causes cancer and causes existing cancer cells to grow ... or … that genistein in soy is a Topoisomerase II-poison, (well known since 1989 see pages 32, 34, 40, 42, 44, 70-73, 81) … or … soy interferes with, negates or overwhelms the inhibitor effect of tamoxifen on MCF-7 tumor growth !!, see page 47-(2001), page 52-(2002)..

We joined Neways in May 2000, & Deanna was taking Neways Maximol Solution” with Soy Lecithin in it from about July-Aug 2000, and stopped May 2001.  We never thought to read the label until May 2001, 4 months after we found out about the dangers of soy. But in Dec 2000 - Jan 2001 Deanna had her first reoccurrence of bone cancer.  We didn’t know why.  She had been doing so good for a year and a half.  She got discouraged.   She had 5 treatments of radiation for her bone cancer, no chemo.  Then one week after the radiation treatments, in mid Jan. 2001, she was given a article called ... The Newest Research On Why You Should Avoid Soy,” an article on Dr. Mercola’s website at .  A light went on after reading this, and she knew why he had her reoccurrence of cancer, and why her breast lump had turned cancerous.  But she still didn’t know that Maximol Solutions had soy in it.  The article points out that soy causes cancer, causes existing cancer cells to grow and can turn non-cancerous tumors cancerous.  The same day she read the article, we threw out all food with soy listed on the ingredient labels, except Maximol Solutions.  Her tumor marker blood test, CEA and CA 15.5, that measure cancer activity in the body, started going down after May 2001.  By Sept. 2001, her blood test were about 50% of what they were 4 months after she stopped eating soy and soy products. All this time, Since the summer of 2000, we trusted Neways.  We told our sponsors about the problems with soy in Jan 2001.  They didn’t tell us that their product had soy in it.  We also didn’t think to read the label of the Maximol Solutions until May 2001.  Then, right away we contacted Neways, we returned the product and they gave us a refund.  Other than that, at home we did a very good job of avoiding soy in our food by reading all the food ingredient labels of the foods we bought, restaurant foods were a no-no as they do not list the ingredients of their foods.                                                                                                         

 Dangers of Dietary Isoflavones  --at levels above those found in traditional diets The Risks Of Abandoning “The Precautionary Principle” by Soy Online Service …

“Soy - Abundance Of Health Hazards”

  Soy Was The Major Contributing Cause In My Wife, Deanna-(Deonaa), Death From Cancer

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.  Does the Soy industry--and their supporters really think they’ll all get away with it ??. Do they really think -we wouldn’t know ??.   Then, on Tuesday evening Oct. 23, 2001, we went to the Planetarium in Vancouver, BC, to hear a lecture by Udo Erasmus, PhD. about his book called Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill.” During the question period after the lecture, we found out that Udo’s-Ultimate Oil Blend product has soy lecithin in it.  We were able to ask Udo if his soy lecithin was safe, safe for cancer patients.  He said it was.  So, Deanna was persuaded to try Udo Ultimate Oil Blend,” with soy lecithin in it. About a week or tow latter, in Oct. 2001, she started saying that her hip was hurting her.  By the beginning of Dec. 2001 she was in a lot of pain, the side effect of eating this soy lecithin in Udo Ultimate Oil Blend caused both tumor marker blood tests to quickly go back up again to where they were in the early spring.  The tumor marker blood test went up in less than 2 months where it had taken 6 months for the blood tests to go down . Deanna had her 2nd. reoccurrence of bone cancer, caused by soy lecithin, Nov. - Dec. 2001.  --This time she got real discouraged.  She didn’t want to take anything.  Then she found out about Bio-cell Therapy at Ubiquity Wellness Centre, Vancouver. BC. She took that and was feeling and getting better until she mistakenly followed the Lemon Cleans Master Cleans Lemon Diet. That gave her severe dehydration and put her in the hospital in Aug. 2002.  We found out about Sir Jason Winters Herbs about the same time and she took them right away and over 3 week period and started feeling better, and continued taking them.  She came home mid Sept. 2002 feeling and getting better.  Then the home care nurse made a mistake on the medications and Deanna ended up in the hospital again, mid Oct 13, 2002.  There she started to recover again while still taking the Jason Winters herbs. But after a month into the 2 months she was in the hospital we found out that 90 % of the hospital food has soy in it from the dietitians computer data base print out.---When she went into the hospital last fall, Oct 13 - Dec 15, 2002, she was there for over 2 months before she died. At the beginning of the last month in hospital, I, we found out that, according to the hospitals dietitians computer data base, & that print out, 90% of hospital food has soy added to it from the wholesalers, the bulk manufactures. I told the doctor and the dietitian about the dangers of soy and gave them information on it, even photocopy of research abstract proving it, & asked them if the hospital would bring in food that did not have soy in it for Deanna.  But all they said was that soy was controversial & wouldn’t believe me or take me seriously.  They would not bring in extra food for her without soy in it, even after I gave the dietitian and our Doctor a photo-copy of this abstract from PubMed..


Soy Stimulates breast cancer growth.  Yes !!.

   - .  2001 “Effects of soy phytoestrogens genistein and daidzein on breast cancer growth,” – de Lemos M.L.,  Ann Pharmacother 2001 Sep;35(9):1118-21., B. C. Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Objective: to determine whether genistein and daidzein, the major phytoestrogens in soy, can stimulate breast cancer growth ??. 

Women with current or past breast cancer should be aware of the risks of potential tumor growth when taking soy products.” Conclusions: Genistein & daidzein may stimulate existing breast tumor growth and antagonize effects of tamoxifen

 Eating poison interferes with everything. A week before Deanna died, she said to me that she did not want to die, by that time, her throat had gotten smaller. She couldn’t take the Jason Winters Herbs unless they were broken up into small pieces, and by then she was getting discouraged and didn’t want to take them as often as she needed to.  On Sunday afternoon, Dec 15, 2002, after taking morphine for 2 days she died in a coma.  During the last 2 days, from hand signals, squeezing, Deanna could tell me that she was in a lot of pain, and if she wanted more morphine.  The nurses wouldn’t believe me, and I had a difficult time getting the nurses to give my wife enough morphine to stop the pain.  On Sunday morning, I told our Doctor what I was experiencing and our Doctor said that what I was experiencing was not unusual, it happens.  The Doctor instructed the nurses to give Deanna more morphine, and few hours before Deanna died, and they did. Eating Soy was the major contributing cause in my wife’s death from Cancer.  I can prove it, and I also have the tumor marker blood tests, CEA and CA 15.3 to prove it.  It was a very slow, painful death that could have been easily avoided, if they would have listened to me, when she was in the hospital.  We feel that Soy was also the single greatest cause of her getting cancer & also the single greatest cause of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reoccurrence of bone cancer, and her eventual liver cancer shortly before she died. The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Does the soy industry really think they will get away with it ??; do they really think that we wouldn’t know ??.   --- Note: Make sure the label on your vitamins, minerals, and medications says contains no Soy or … contains no Soy ingredients

 Dangers of Dietary Isoflavones- at levels above those found in traditional diets The Risks Of Abandoning “The Precautionary Principle” Warning - Soy Damages Your Thyroid, Immune System, DNA and Chromosomes .  (( )) Soy has not does not can not Soy will not prevent cancer -Gerald and Deanna - ( Deonaa ) Soy blocks vitamin, mineral, protein absorption ( Osteoporosis ) Soy damages the Myelin Sheath around the nerves, spinal cord and brain tissue Genistein in soy is proven to be and is classified as a Topoisomerase II-poison Soy causes cancer Soy causes existing cancer cells to grow Soy causes non-cancerous tumors to turn cancerous

Soy is an toxic waste, and this causes cancer cells to grow

Soy was the major contributing cause of my wife Deanna-(Deonaa) death from Breast cancer, Bone cancer, and Liver cancer on Dec. 15, 2002  Her death was a slow, very, very painful, and inhumane DEATH while - from - and because of eating soy ingredients in her Hospital food over a 2 month period.  We did a good job of avoiding soy and soy ingredients in our food when she was home.  BUT, it was the soy in the Hospital food, (which we could not and were not able to avoid) that quietly and quickly poisoned her, causing her cancer cells to continue growing.  As soy was poisoning her, it was also slowly painfully, brutally, cruelly, violently, inhumanly killing her. To protect yourself and the ones you Love ... read the ingredient labels on all the food you buy, switch brands to avoid it !

The US FDA's "Poisonous Plant and Plant Parts Database," at , and documents --- Soy – Flax-Linseed – Canola-Rapeseed -- as “poisonous plant,” Soy since 1907 and Flax since 1850. The FDA recommends that if you are injured by these plants, to contact your local Poison Control Center at , or call 911.  { Einstein said, “… the world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it }.  No safe cigarettes ... No safe soy ... Unsafe at any speed. The Precautionary Principle pages 113 – 114, and ... ... “The obligation to prevent harm.” * Soy does not pass WHO Food Safety Standards or … US FDA GRAS, “Generally Recognized As Safe” status In fact, it is not even legal to put it in our food, pages 5-8, *55, 63, 96-106, 109, 113, 119, 143 For Legal action against the soy industry, manufactures and sellers, see pages 119 - 121.

Soy – Abundance of Health Hazards

identifies the link to the over 144 page Soy Research Paper, which can now be found in the Health Section under Articles on the Mayan Majix website at , and at Dangers of Soy

- Short one page Summary PDF        - Full 144 page HTML

- Abundance Scientific Proof - Summary     - Full 144 page PDF

containing a collection of over 205 scientific research abstract summaries on Soy pages 29 - 96, from almost 1,800 going way back to 1907,  ( also see the 2005 book The Whole Soy Story ) that are from well-designed studies, from around the world, conducted in a manner which  is  consistent with generally recognized scientific procedures and principles which show that - there does exist - significant scientific agreement among research experts from around the world, { qualified by scientific training, experience and expertise }, PROVING a very strong statistically significant association of very serious harm to human and animal health from consumption of soy, SPI-soy protein and soy  estrogen ingredients in our food supply & an INCREASED RISK of a variety of cancers and other major and life threatening health problems, referred to in this body of evidence as Hidden Harm which includes, but is not limited to this list of  known, “ignored,” still deniedSide-Effects” of ... endocrine disruption ... thyroid suppression ... immune system suppression ... Liver disease ... Heart disease ... leukemia, ( IAL ) ... subtle changes in sexually dimorphic behaviors ... Arthritis ... infertility / lower sex drive ... growth problems ... learning disabilities // Alzheimer’s – Parkinson’s Disease // M.S. -- from Brain & Nervous System damage ... Osteoporosis ... as well as ... chromosome fragmentation & errors in chromosome orientation ... Cancer(s) - breast, bone, uterine, liver, colon, pancreas, thyroid etc ... DNA damage ...“DEATH”... (+) infinite # of - “broken Hearts.  ( Many “Research Experts” say in the conclusion of their abstracts Women with cancer or a history of cancer should be warned . Soy Weakens Your Immune System” … Soy Industry own research 2002 … “The phytoestrogen genistein induces thymic and immune changes: a human health concern ?,”  NCBI .

( Yellayi S., Naaz A., Sato T., Woods J.A., and others --- Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2002 May 28;99(11):7616-21 ) … Dr. Mercola’s Comment -- “It is quite amazing that this study was actually published, as the findings were quite negative for Soy, yet it was funded by United Soybean Board and Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research .”      { Soy feeds - fertilizes - cancer cells, “causing” them to grow !. } .

.It is like throwing gasoline on a campfire.



 A meta-analysis is a review & summary of the results of many clinical studies on the same subject.  The use of meta-analyses to draw general conclusions has come under sharp criticism by members of the scientific community.  "… Researchers substituting meta-analysis for more rigorous trials risk making faulty assumptions and indulging in creative accounting …", says Sir John Scott, President of the Royal Society of New Zealand, “… Like isn’t being lumped with like.  Little lumps, big lumps of data are being gathered together by various groups …”.

There is a added temptation for researchers, particularly researchers funded by companies like Protein Technologies International – soy corporation, to leave out studies that contradict / dilute the conclusions desired see W.A.P.F. 2004 submission of objection to the US F.D.A. - 2004Q-0151, page 10, ( being that soy has many very serious health hazards ).  Dr Anderson discarded 8 important studies for various reasons, leaving a remainder of 29.

  -- See June 14, 2004 W.A.P.F. petition of objection to US - FDA .

 and and Soy Alert .

Another very good example It was a 1994 meta-analysis by Mark Messina that fueled False speculation that soy had anti-carcinogenic properties, published in Nutrition and Cancer. 43. ( and yet, it is this very same paper that proves Soy has been known in scientific community to be carcinogenic for over 40 years cause DNA - Chromosome damage for more than 25 years cause infertility for 50 years thyroid damage for 70 years page 126, 8.)

 To protect yourself and the ones you  Loveread the ingredient labels on all of the food you buy, switch brands to avoid it. Note: Make sure the label on your vitamins, minerals, medications - over the counter and prescription, and  Pet foods, Farm animal foods says contains no Soy or … contains no Soy ingredients .  ---In order to help protect yourself and the ones you  Love, find out everything you never knew you really had to know about the many serious and sometimes deadly health hazards from eating soy.  Find out why you have been deliberately and intentionally prevented from knowing this very valuable, important and unique information by the soy industry, the pharmaceutical industry, both the food industry and the health food industry, and the news and print media, until NOW from my 144 page Soy Research paper and the other website links in this email .

 15 - Very Important Points, That Most of The General Public Are Purposely Kept From Knowing About 

        1.  " ... Japanese and Asians eat soy in very small amounts, as a condiment ( a seasoning ), not as a protein substitute, not as a replacement for animal foods. 

         2.  “... Soy protein has not been given USA FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status or "Pre-Market Approval",  because of its carcinogenic properties. It is not even legal to add it to our food. 

- The Soy industry has “applied twiceand wasturned down twice(1979, 1999) on both of its applications for “GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)” status for Soy Protein---- BECAUSE of Soy’s carcinogenic properties; also Soy has not been given “Pre-market

 Approval” for its use in our food.  It is not even legal to add it to our food.  In addition,

 Soy is in breach of, in violation of - “WHO/CODEX - Food Safety Standards.”  P.S. To add insult to injury, Soy fails the 1958 “Delaney Amendment” to the USA’s FDA  Reg.’s which prohibits the use of any food additive if it is found to cause cancer in any  animal species or in man, at any dose level ... .--Add these 6 strikes against the Soy industry to the growing list of ignored side-effects and you have millions of crime scenes.  In the US

 FDA’s Poisonous Plant Database” … ...  Soy, and (Flax and Linseed), and (Canola, and Rapeseed) are all listed as “poisonous plants”,  and the FDA recommends that if you are injured by them, to contact your local

 Poison Control Center in your area, (at, or call 911. 

Soy acts like a fertilizer and fertilizes, feeds, cancer cells to help them grow. For a cancer patient eating soy is like throwing gasoline on a campfire. Recommending soy to a cancer patient is like giving them as automatic death sentence

15 Important Points: Continued --- .

3.     Please see definitions of selected legal words (that also apply to soy being illegally add to our food supply) ... from Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th. Edition, 1990 ... . 

 4.      DNA and Chromosome Damage … ...

 5Soy Protein is in breach of, in violation of, WHO/Codex Food Safety Standards for Soy Protein, ( pages 6, 7 - in my soy research paper )

         6.  Soy blocks vitamin and mineral absorption, which also contributes to / causes – “Osteoporosis.”  So, if anyone is taking supplements to improve their health and knowingly or unknowingly eating soy, they are not getting the benefits of the supplements -- ( **Soy is used as a filler and as a binder for vitamin and mineral tablets, over the counter and  prescription medications.  Almost all Vitamin E comes in a soy oil base liquid, in the soft gelatin capsules.  Soy is also found in most pet foods and farm animal foods. ( 80% of the grains grown in America are for farm animal feed ).  USDA, Soy is the 3rd largest agricultural crop in the USA, supplying more than 50% of the world's soybean demand... Note: the new link to this article “The Magic Bean, Soy-taintly Not,” which is on page 3 in my soy research paper is ... . 

 7.  Soy blocks protein digestion)

 8.     Vegetable Oil .  Vegetable oil has not been real Vegetable Oil, that is, actually made from a variety of vegetables, NOT including soy, since early 1970’s. Since then, it has been either Soy” or “Canola” or both, and it rarely includes cottonseed, peanut, palm oil. Flax has been scientifically proven to causes prostate cancer cells to grow, and to be a poisonous plant since 1850.  It is listed along with Soy and Canola in the US FDA’s - Poisonous Plant and Plant Part database, at …   

 9.  Differences in Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils ...  Differences in the actions of Omega-3 fats and Omega-6 fats have been observed on these genes.  Herbs and antioxidants have  been described to "reduce" cancer cell growth,

  US FDA,  Flax is a poisonous plant, research since 1850 ... 

 Omega-6 fats ... have been found to Balance out omega 3’s ...”.

 10.  "... It is child abuse  to feed a baby soy infant formula !! ..."                                                                                                                  at ... .

 11.  "... Soy Warning Labels For Medical Reasons …

 12. Soy damages the Myelin Sheath around the nerves, spinal cord and brain tissue … learning disabilities // Alzheimer’s – Parkinson’s Disease  M.S. -- from Brain & Nervous System damage

 13. Genistein in soy is proven to be and is classified as a Topoisomerase II-poison )

14. Because of peoples lack of knowledge and understanding about soy, because of the misinformation and lies put out by the soy industry and the media, health food industry, etc., the vast majority of people are unintentionally  excessively sloppy and inaccurate in the extreme when they talk about soy. This sloppiness misleads people and puts their health, happiness and their very lives at extreme risk.  The Two most common areas of sloppiness in the misunderstandings about soy are “Genetically Modified Soy and  Fermented Soy.”  --  The 1st common misunderstanding about soy is that soy has been toxic and poisonous long before there was “Genetically Modified Soy” or Genetically Modified anything. People are beginning to understand that G.E. Soy has many very serious health hazards to it, more than Non-G.E. Soy.  But, the sloppiness comes in when a person thinks they are safe because they are eating Non-G.E. Soy. Non-G.E. soy is toxic and poisonous, it has been since  nature made the plant, but, only less poisonous than G.E. soy.  A person’s health is not safe when they eat Non-G.E. Soy. --- The 2nd common misunderstanding is withFermented Soy.” The Asians learned how to ferment soy during the Chou Dynasty ( 1134 - 246 BC ), so that it would not kill them when they relied on soy for protein during periods of famine.  --- Here, again, there are another 2 very important and misunderstood points about fermentation.  Point 1.  Fermentation only lowers the toxic/ poisonous level of the naturally occurring poisonous chemicals in the soy plant, it does not eliminate them. ( See pages 4 and 8 in my soy research paper.)  There are hundreds of varieties of soy.  The toxic levels of the different chemicals varies with each variety and the time of the year they are harvested, and how much of the plant is harvested for consumption, the soybeans only, or also other parts of the plant.  The missing part of this 2 nd Point is ... Fermentation affects each carcinogenic chemical found in soy a little differently.  Fermentation lowers some carcinogenic chemicals more than others.

 Here is the list of  the 7 carcinogen chemicals that are found in soy, ( the way nature made the plant ) ... Nitrosamines-( formed during the high heat/pressure treatment ) ... Lysinoalanines ...  Genistein ... Daidzein ... Biochanin-A ... Nitrites ... Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) ... Soy Protein which is also Mutagenic - damages your DNA and Chromosomes.  See the 2005 book, The Whole Soy Story inferior heat/pressure method used in North America for the processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines--The most common reference to fermentation lowering the levels of carcinogenic chemicals in soy is the reference to ... Genistein and Daidzein.  As you can see above, these are only 2 out of 7 carcinogenic chemicals found in soy.

 Point 2.  Almost all people in North America refer to fermentation, without any real knowledge of what they are talking about or referring to. This unintentional sloppiness is very dangerous because, there are several ways to ferment soy.  The Asian method of fermentation of soy lasts for about 1 and 1/2 years to 2 years - before they eat it.  BUT, the western method of fermentation is far inferior . --Some western soy processors/ manufactures ferment soy for less than 3 months, or use chemicalized fermentation methods, or more commonly use high temperature/ pressure/ heat extraction.  Most soy manufactures/ processors in North America mislabel, mislead, and lie, when they say fermentation on the food label.  There is nothing on the food label and no laws requiring anything being put on the food labels identifying the type of fermentation used, when a soy product is labeled, and advertised as being fermented.  This is very dangerous to the health of a person-- The only evaluation, ( of the high temperature/ pressure/ heat extraction method of fermenting soy ), was in 1979 by the Life Sciences section of FASEB, and soy protein failed because of the risk of  ( carcinogenic ) nitrosamines forming in the heat treatment. FASEB assumed the heat treatment was removing the natural poisons & did not evaluate their safety at all ...".

 15.  Did you know that    On Sept. 30, 2005, the Solae Corporation, ( a front company representing the Soy Industry, the pharmaceutical industry including Monsanto, Dow, Bunge, and others ), wrote a letter to the FDA withdrawing the application it made in Feb. 2004 to the U.S. FDA requesting a Health Claim for Soy that would have said  "Soy prevents certain types of cancers including breast, prostate and colon cancer" ??.  Read the application requesting a false health claim for soy here . On pages 115 and 116 in Solae's application to the US FDA for a health claim that said "soy prevents breast and prostate cancer," Solae said about the research they submitted in their application "… However, this evidence is not conclusive ".  Yet the Solae Corporation wanted the FDA to issue a Health Claim for soy based on "… inconclusive evidence …". The Solae has access to this same scientific research that everyone else does, so they know full well that the scientific research clearly proves that soy causes cancer, caused existing cancer cells to grow, causes a reoccurrence of cancer, and other very serious health problems.  -----  If that Health Claim would have been approved, ( if the lie had been approved for putting on food ingredient labels ), that Health Claim would have been put on the labels of  ten's of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, even millions of food items around the world, which would have deliberately mislead people into thinking they could safely eat soy, eat even more soy, which would have caused a rise in a variety of more health problems linked to eating soy including cancer, while at the same time greatly increasing the blood stained profits of these company's, corporations and many other soy company's, around the world at the expense and needless unimaginable painful, suffering and death of millions of people all over the world.---Despite what Solae has said in their Sept. 30, 2005 letter to the FDA withdrawing their application for the Health Claim, a letter written for the soul purpose of  "damage control" for the soy industry and their supporters, the real reason why Solae withdrew their application for that Health Claim is because ... "several hundred objections, filed as submissions of objection, to Solae's claims were filed with the FDA citing, quoting, the science that shows and proves that isoflavones and soy isoflavones cause various cancers."-- Go to the FDA website and see for yourself ... ... you will find these several hundred objections to Solae's claims and Solae's request asking the US FDA to grant a Health Claim for Soy that saying soy prevents various cancers. ---The withdrawal of the Solae application also has DuPont and Bunge , ( major financial investors-players in Solae and also directly connected to the world-wide Soy industry via the pharmaceutical industry ) , ALL sent running with their tails down, as they see their imagined blood stained profits evaporate before their greedy eyes..  To protect yourself and the ones you  Loveread the ingredient labels on all of the food you buy, switch brands to avoid it.----“Ethics” ... n. pl., 1.) The Principles of morality, including both the science of the good and the science of right.  (American College Dictionary, 1966)----

 { Soy feeds - fertilizes - cancer cells, “causing” them to grow !!. }--Recommending soy to a cancer patient is like giving them as automatic death sentence.

 Note: Make sure the label on your vitamins, minerals, medications - over the counter and prescription, and  Pet foods, Farm animal foods says contains no Soy or … contains no Soy ingredients .          

- 5 -

Dangers of Dietary Isoflavones

at levels above those found in traditional diets

The Risks Of Abandoning “The Precautionary Principle”

by Soy Online Service …

“Soy - Abundance Of Health Hazards”

 Soy Warning Labels, For Medical Reasons---Two of The USA F.D.A.’s Expert Scientists Protest Soy Approval.

 . Researchers and Whistle-blowers Daniel Doerge Ph.D and Daniel Sheehan Ph.D are two of the U.S.A.’s  Food and Drug Administration’s, FDA, expert scientists on soy who signed a Feb. 18, 1999 letter of protest to the FDA when the FDA granted soy a “health claim” in 1999. This letter expresses serious concerns regarding the perceived safe use of soy, if soy was to be granted a “health claim,” and includes 26 documented scientific referenced studies, (Abstracts), that show a link between eating soy and serious health problems.  ---In their letter of protest they said, “… it is inappropriate to allow a health claim for Soy Protein Isolate, SPI, … it could be misinterpreted, … the health labeling of SPI for foods needs to be considered just as would the addition of any Estrogen orGoitrogen to foods, which are bad ideas.  Estrogenic and goitrogenic drugs are regulated by the FDA, and are taken under a physician’s care.  Patients are informed of risks, and are monitored by their physicians for evidence of toxicity.

 No similar safeguards are in place for foods, so the public will be put at potential risk from soy isoflavones in SPI without adequate warning and information...”

See letter ..., article withdrawn,

 Toxic Load means that the risk is a function of  dose length, dose strength, and of the physical condition of the consumer. Reference:

“The Dose Makes the Poison: A Plain-Language Guide to Toxicology”, 2nd Edition, © 1996, by M. Alice Ottoboni,

            “Chemical Carcinogens", © 1976, by The American Chemical Society,

            “Principles of Toxicology”, by Casarett and Doull,

            “The Basic Science of Poisons”, © 2001, Casarett, Amdur, Klaassen, Doull 

    "The Weed of Crime Bears Bitter Fruit."  Does the Soy Industry and all of its supporters really think that they will all get away with poisoning our food ??, Do they really think that we wouldn't KNOW, & we wouldn't STOP them ??. 

 Ethics” ... n. pl., 1.) The Principles of morality, including both the science of the good and the science of right.  (American College Dictionary, 1966)

 Social Justice and Socrates ... ( 469 - 399 BC )---. .

Socrates said about "Courage" … “Examine your thoughts, statements and actions by pursuing their implications, on the assumption that if they are true, they would not lead to false consequences,”

about … “Humanitarian Action” … “Choose wisdom so that society is incapable of doing wrong.” 

 Einstein said, “… the world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it,” . 

18 - Very Important References below

 Almost all of the research in links below is also found at … *US National Center For Biotechnology Information, NCBI PubMed

N.C.B.I. - Established in 1988 as a national resource for molecular biology information, NCBI creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information - all for the better understanding of molecular processes affecting human health and disease.

PubMed - a service of the National Library of Medicine, includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

 1.)  Soy – Abundance of Health Hazards,” ( There is No safe cigarettes, and No safe soy ... Soy Unsafe at any speed, Unsafe at any dose level.)

This identifies the 4 link to my over 144 page Soy Research Paper which can now be found in the Health Section under Articles on the Mayan Majix website at , and … … Dangers of Soy.  Short One Page Summary, PDF   

        - Intro PDF ( page 8 )

        - Full 144 page, PDF

        - Full 144 page, HTML


1.a.)  “Fry The Brain With Soy” … ( page 63 – 67 in my soy research paper ) First 2 abstracts on this page, and the next 4 pages, demonstrate Soy’s real hazards to the Brain and Nervous system from “placenta transfer to the foetal brain of the fetus in the womb” ... to the newly born baby ... into childhood, even on to late adulthood, (Also see thyroid problems).  Soy’s connection to “Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, M.S., and ADD / ADHD” is because genistein in Soy damages the “Myelin Sheath” that surrounds the nerves, spinal cord and brain tissue, and it also lowers cholesterol ... (The danger is that Soy can & does lower cholesterol, but to far for the proper development and “SUSTAINED” health of the myelin sheath).

 1.b.)  DNA and Chromosome Damage … See references 1, 2, 3, 4 and NCBI

 1.c.)  Genistein in soy is scientifically proven to be and is classified as a Topoisomerase II-poison ( pages 32, 42, 44, 71-2, 81 ).

 1.d.)  *It is not legal to put soy or soy ingredients in our food ... Soy does not have U.S. FDA GRAS status, Generally Recognized As Safe status or Pre-market Approval ... which are legal requirements for any food or food ingredient to be allowed to be put in our food supply.

1.e.)  *Putting soy and soy ingredients in our food violates The Precautionary Principle” … “The obligation to prevent harm” …

2.)  Soy Online Service website at   uncovering The Truth About Soy    the website with the largest scientific data-base, going back to 1907, on the many serious and sometimes deadly health hazards of eating soy.

3.)  The Whole Soy Story- ( Book, new 2005 ) … website at … . with 1,798 endnotes, scientific research references and abstracts, since 1907 to 2005. 

 4.)  Soy Alert … … “Legal Action On Soy Damages” … The International Class Act Law Suit Against The Soy Industry -- ( Scroll down to the middle of this webpage ) (Soy Alert!, Update 2004). The Weston A. Price Foundation is working with several lawyers to bring legal action against the producers, ( manufactures and sellers ), of soy products for damages incurred either from soy infant formula in infancy, or other soy products later in life. If you believe that you or a family member has suffered major damage to health due to soy products, please contact us at or (202) 363-4394. Upon receipt of your e-mail, we will forward you, via e-mail with attachments, a questionnaire and release form.  ( Also see pages 119 and 120 in my Soy Research Paper ).

 5.)  Shirley’s Wellness Café ... ... Consumer Alert - Toxicity of Soy---Beware of The Toxicity of Soy Products … Hundreds of epidemiological, clinical and laboratory studies link soy to malnutrition, digestive distress, thyroid dysfunction, cognitive decline, reproductive disorders, cognitive, immune system breakdown, and even heart disease and cancer.

 6.)  ”Why” Soy Protein – Is In Breach Of – In Violation Of -- WHO/Codex Guidelines.

WHO/Codex General Standards for Soy Protein Products Link to new website format. ( See pages 6 and 7 in my Soy Research paper ).

There is Clear evidence Soy Protein does not meet WHO/Codex Guidelines.  Natural isoflavones in soy protein induce:

    -- Sub acute toxicity Repeated daily exposure to a poison

    -- Chronic toxicity Long term poisonous health effects

    -- Reproductive toxicity Reproductive system damage

    -- Teratogenic effects Embryo, monster making

    -- Mutagenic effects Immune System and DNA Damage

WHO/Codex Standard 175-1989.

6.3 (c)  When tested by appropriate methods of sampling and examination, the product shall not contain other poisonous substances which may represent a hazard to health.

WHO/Codex General Guidelines for the Utilization of Vegetable Protein Products (VPP) in Foods CAC/GL 4-1989.

4.1  VPP intended for human consumption should not represent a hazard to health.

1.4  Toxicological Safety:

Safety of the VPP should be predicted from info. concerning methods of production, chemical and physical properties...should be supported, where necessary, by safety data using laboratory animals.

2.4.1  Sub acute Toxicity Studies:

The purpose of these studies is to delineate the toxic potential of VPP and to elucidate such problems as species sensitivity, the nature of gross and micro-pathological changes and the approximate dose level at which these effects occur. They also provide guidelines for the selection of dosage for chronic toxicity tests and any functional or biochemical studies that may be necessary.  Length of Study:

            Sub acute toxicity feeding trials should be at least three months duration.

2.4.2  Other Studies: 

Following an appraisal of the source and the method of manufacture of the VPP together with the results of nutritional and sub acute toxicity studies, the need for further studies including chronic, reproduction, teratogenic and mutagenic studies will be evaluated. 

 7.)  "Doctors Are Dangerous" - ( Book ) ... ... "It is child abuse  to feed a baby soy infant formula !! ". ( Bottom of page 7 in my soy research paper )

 8.)   Be careful … be careful !! … Be careful I said … Be careful !!.  Vegetable oil has not been real Vegetable Oil, that is, actually made from a variety of vegetables, NOT including soy, since early 1970’s.  Since then, it has been either Soy” or “Canola” or both, it rarely includes cottonseed, peanut, palm oil.( the mix of the peanut and palm which are good are mixed with a carcinogenic oils like canola and soy make them when mixed toxic and poisonous---remember canola was called lear oil which is a industrial penetrant-not meant for human consumption and will penetrate the thyroid and heart and permanently damage them) 

9.) “The Magic Bean ?, Soy Taintly Not”... ... new link to this article

10.)   Text books - dangers of soy ...“Chemical Carcinogens 1976, 1984, American Chemical Society ...“Cancer Rates & Risks4th Ed.1996, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute … “Hormonally Active Agents in the Environment” 1999.

 11.) Soy article at … The Observer,” UK News, Nov. 7, 2004,,9950,1342291,00.html “They hailed it as a wonderfood.  Soya not only destroys forests and small farmers – it can also, {destroy}, be bad for your health,” by Anthony Barnett. This is the best (and bravest) daily newspaper on the world wide web.  Why brave ??.  Because they were brave enough to print this truthful story,  in the face of lawsuits from the soy industry, mainly from Monsanto. 

 12.)  Definitions of selected legal words from Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, 1990 ( see pages 101 – 103 ) . 


13.)  The US FDA's "Poisonous Plant and Plant Parts Database," at , and ... documents ---- Soy – Flax-Linseed – Canola-Rapeseed ---- as “poisonous plants Soy since 1907 and Flax 1850, and the FDA recommends that if you are injured by these plants, to contact your local Poison Control Center at , or call 911.

 14.)  Also ... Reference, the 2003 award winning Documentary film, The Corporation  Synopsis, and . 

 15.)  Argentina & GM soy - success at what cost ?? …  excessive pesticide spraying causing ... children health problems - lakes filled with dead fish - farm animals born with deformities - malformed bananas, sweet potato plants - soy leeches soil nutrients

16)  Forests paying the price for biofuels  Bio-fuels ( made from soy, canola, palm oils ) - are the largest single cause of tropical rainforest destruction in the Brazilian Amazon ... with devastating effects on local people and the environment

17.)   Want to Reduce Breast Cancer ?  Lecithin and Sulfur are a must

 “... The differences in the actions of Omega-3 fats and Omega-6 fats have been observed on these genes. ** Omega-3 lignans ( fibre ) ... have been described to "reduce" cancer cell growth, .

* Omega-6 fats ... have been found to Balance the 3”s”.

*Omega- oils, “... I strongly recommend avoiding ... ... corn ... “Soy” ... safflower ... “Canola” ... or products that contain these oils.  In other words, no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats including ... margarine ... vegetable oil ... (vegetable)-shortening ... etc.  Endocrine Disrupting Fats and will further exasperate Health issues ...”. 

 **Omega- oils, (EPA, DHA),“... Acceptable oils are high quality ... extra virgin “olive oil” ... “Coconut oil” ... “avocados” ... “organic butter” ... better yet ... “Grass-fed organic butter

 “... Generally our diet contains far too many omega-6 fats. Experts looking at the dietary ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids suggest that in early human history the ratio was about 2-3:1 ... ... Currently most Americans eat a dietary ratio that falls between 20:1 and 50:1.  The optimal ratio is most likely closer to the original ratio of 2-3:1 …”.  “ For most of us, this means Mixing and balancing the fats we do eat “

18.)  Biodiesel Boom in Europe? (Soy) ... ... The Institute of Science in Society

    The research showing favorable benefit of soy biofuel by "The UK’s biodiesel industry group"  were arrived at by a combination of dubious measures, such as ...

        -- inflating the yield of oilseed to 4.08 t/ha when UK’s 2004 average national yield was only 2.9 t/ha,

        -- assigning illegitimate energy credits to co products,

        -- leaving out legitimate energy embodied in buildings required for processing and in farming implements and machinery,  -- and ignoring many external environmental costs (“Biofuels for oil addicts”, this series). 


Conclusion - Biodiesel has greater (-)negative environmental impacts than diesel !!.  

    But, Research conducted at the "Flemish Institute for Technological Research," sponsored by the "Belgian Office for Scientific, Technical, and Cultural Affairs and the European Commission," told a very different story, as revealed in a paper presented at an international conference sponsored by the US EPA in 2000. --It was discovered that ...

       " -- biodiesel fuel causes more health and environmental problems because it created more particulate pollution, -- released more pollutants that promote ozone formation,-- generated more waste and caused more eutrophication.” ----Hence, “The benefits biodiesel fuel offers in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions do not justify its use in light of the other environmental damage it causes .

 To protect yourself and the ones you  Loveread the ingredient labels on all of the food you buy, switch brands to avoid it.

 { Soy feeds - fertilizes - cancer cells, “causing” them to grow !!. }

Recommending soy to a cancer patient is like giving them as automatic death sentence.

 Note: Make sure the label on your vitamins, minerals, medications - over the counter and prescription, and  Pet foods, Farm animal foods says contains no Soy or … contains no Soy ingredients .  ( Bottom of pages 18, 97, and 21, 90 - in my soy research paper )

 Einstein said, “… the world is a dangerous place to live in, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it,” .