Parasitical Solutions

Wormwood alleviates (reflux) Esophagitis.


Immune System


Wormwood facilitates the elimination of Intestinal Parasites.  Research

Wormwood is an effective treatment against Malaria (due to the Artemisinine content of Wormwood)



Black Walnut: Husks

            Inner Bark





Health Benefits of Black Walnut


Digestive System


Black Walnut alleviates Diarrhea.

Black Walnut alleviates Dysentery.

Black Walnut facilitates the elimination of some forms of Intestinal Parasites (including Tapeworms).  research


Immune System


Black Walnut may help to prevent many forms of Cancer (due to its high content of Ellagic Acid).

Black Walnut exerts anti-fungal effects against Candida albicans.


Respiratory System


Black Walnut alleviates ailments of the Lungs.

Black Walnut alleviates Pharyngitis (sore Throat).

Black Walnut alleviates Tuberculosis.


ØØØGrapefruit Seed Extract kills or suppresses many (more than 900) types of Detrimental Microorganisms.  It is regarded by many as the Antimicrobial of choice in terms of its effectiveness and ability to exert effects against a wide number of Detrimental Microorganisms.  It is regarded as being equally effective as most Pharmaceutical Antimicrobials (without the side effects associated with Pharmaceutical Antimicrobials). 




ØØØA mixture of Black walnut ---Wormwood---Clove---Olive Leaf---Black pepper---mix in equal parts of tinctures and utilize this several times a day---Lay of all sugars and utilize foods that will re invigorate the blood as well---as purify the blood


ØØØAnother mixture is a 5% solution of dmso with black walnut and worm wood with milk thistle and sage this will again target the parasites as well as keeping the liver in a restorative state and regenerating the liver as well


ØØØThe Essential oil of garlic and pepper will cause parasites to go paralyzed and unable to move—what you will do is apply one drop of the essential oil in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and stir well and consume the 1 tablespoon—you can do this as well with garlic and wine extract and utilize the pepper tincture as well

This will not be as potent but it will assist the immune system in the fight to remove the parasites


ØØØGarlic with wormwood as well will target parasites and added to yogurt will get the effect desired\ utilize 1 tsp of garlic and wine extract( tincture) with equal amounts of wormwood and mix in 2 ounces of plain yogurt---this will carry this into the intestinal lining more effectively


ØØØCoconut oil with any of the above mixed or on its own has properties that will rid parasites


ØØØEnzymes—of a proteolytic nature assist strongly in the targeting of parasites as well as viruses---any full spectrum digestive enzyme with the highest USP units or FCC units will be needed---or you can get just a Plain high end Proteolytic enzyme---good to combine with teas that are anti parasitic or nutrients or with other remedies to assist in the effectiveness of the process


ØØØTopicals of Essential oils and Alcohols in combination can hit specific areas where the parasites will be neutralized or expunged---Cedarwood --- Black Pepper--Birch---Hyssop—Eucalyptus—Cinnamon---Chamomile—Cajeput—Lemon---Onion—Peppermint—Savoury—Thyme-------These are a list of those who have been used for this—Some of these can be applied internally ( research on how to do this properly—these properties of these oils are anywhere from 100 times stronger on up depending on the oil so wisdom is needed to utilize these components properly) Applying these as a rub with a carrier oil will assist in the removing of these parasites as well as utilizing alcohols or even a carrier to penetrate deeper -----An example would be using peppermint and eucalyptus with carrier oil like almond oil and massage in the area as well as take either a tea or a tincture internally at the same time---and use foods that are enzyme active as well to remove the leftover or to assist in killing off the parasite----internally if you are going to apply this you would utilize one drop of the oil(s) used in either a honey base or oil base and mix the essential oil til saturated then consume this---an example maybe a thyme oil with savoury and lemon ( 1 drop of each ) in a base of almond oil or olive or any oil you prefer ( No soy –vegetable---canola ---or solvent process oils) and do this several times a day


ØØØIodine & Vinegar---take 1-2 drops of lugols Iodine with 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in 2 ounces of water do this on an empty stomach wait 20 minutes then eat---This can be given to pets as well as livestock


ØØØThese are other herbs /plants/foods that have antimicrobial properties

antimicrobial activity gnus castus, aniseed arnica bloodroot, burdock, cassia, celandine, greater, chamomile, German, chaparral, cinnamon, drosera, ephedra, feverfew, garlic,  ginger, golden seal, guaiacum, holy thistle, Java tea, marshmallow, melissa, mistletoe, passionflower, prickly ash, Southern, rosemary, sage, St John's wort, uva-ursi,

These you can make teas with or tincture to get the desired effect to overcome parasites----Remember there as to be a dietary discipline with this, minimizing any contaminant and poisons to the system that will further compromise the immune system or to make the microbe( parasite ) to proliferate( increase)


ØØØColloidal Silver--Abscess – “Acts as a natural antibiotic and disinfectant. Destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites---Use as Directed on Bottle