MESH 2 -making a mesh to create a protective barrier

MESH 2—Procedure

This is another type of mesh you can build---what I have found on this one it appears to allow a better or more effective flow when hooking it to a battery and allowing it to put a barrier around the system allowing he ( Morge) to go to sleep


What you will need are copper wire-Copper Scouring pads—Aluminum Mesh- a pair of tin snips or a good scissor- Chicken Wire










What you will be doing is Unravel the copper scrubbers---you will need about 6 of them for this method---Measure the width og the chicken wire not to exceed the width of the copper scrubber when stretched and cut with either a scissor or tin snip that will cut the wire—cut to about 2.3-3 ft ( just under a meter) Once cut then stretch the scrubber over the chicken wire ---use the Copper wire to “pin it” down-----so cut lengths of wire and intertwine the mesh with the chicken wire and seal off the end—



 Starting to stretch the Scrubber                          Seeing the Side that is done

over the Chicken Wire


 Stretching the wire over the Mesh                                 Seaming the ends


 Then repeat the process till you have completely cover the Chicken Wire

The whole thing will have been pinned and sealed with the scrubbers

Here is what it should look like ( approximately depending on how wide or narrow you cut your piece )


Then when this is done get your aluminum screen and measure out what you will need as well


 So you would place it on the screen and from there center it so you can crease the sides---or how ever you see best to seal this off



Here you will start to crease it on the sides             


Once creased then Pin with  the Wire or thread                                    





Once the aluminum is sealed off the reapply more copper scrubber over this and re pin or twine the copper wire all around and seam it with this---this will form a better connection—


          When done it will be completely covered with out any openings--- This will give you an idea what it should look like or an approximation      

 Power—Making Your Power Pak   ---you will need to go buy a 6 volt with a F-line type batter or any size batter that will get you 3 volts----the F-line last longer


    Take it lay it on it’s side and with a screw driver pop it open


  opened and pulled out       


 you need to insulate the batteries so they do not ground out---so wrapping duct tape or electrical tape or anything that will not allow the metals to make contact could be used  once that is done then turn them so that the negative and positive side are on one end as well as the other—flat side-negative—part with extension positive and then proceed to tape together


When this is done then proceed to make the copper contact on the one side and the clips on the other—use different colour wires to indicate positive and negative--           

  here it is completed test the connections by using a light bulb touching the bootm and side to see if it will light up if it does then your connections are secure—if not then press on the connections and if one is not making full contact then place on ground and tap with a hammer and re tape and then retest-

 What to do

what you are going to do with this is place this on your bed---cover with a towel and connect opposite corners of the positive—at the top-and negative to the bottom part of the mesh---while you are sleeping this will cause a EM field around you blocking off some of the HAARP and Smart meter pulses---if you take niacinamide 500 mgs and lay on this---you may find it will be the best sleep you have had in a while and may see a lot of nagging pain start to disappear

 if you do not want to do that then place this on a wall where the smart meter maybe and run a ground from the mesh---this will block again the pulses off the meter and may reduce the haarping while you are sleeping---A lot are awake between 2-4 am in the morning due to the harp frequencies and the smart meters and cell phones –take battery out of cell phone and make sure CPU is turned off as well