Essential oils 


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Essential oils in my humble opinion this is the nth degree in herbalism or natural alternative healing you use miniscule amounts and the effect is phenomenal

I have a friend who is in the business of essential oils or aromatherapy and she educated me alot about the uses and potentencies of these oils what knowledge I had was really basic and maybe even less then basic but she gave me an eye opener to the effect they can have on you emotionally mentally physically and spiritually ( based on whatever your belief system is ) it was used in Christ's  day as a way of purification and was used in the Egyptian culture for burial rites and for cleanliness same in India and other parts of the world...In Europe it was used in hospitals and during the 2nd world war used as an aid to heal the wounded
 I will put one  here as a sample


stimulant ( circulatory, cardiac respiratory)

stomachic (digestive stimulant)

antiseptic (antiputrefactive it kills Ebirth bacillus {typhoid}





lightly astringent

aphrodisiac (mild)


slightly raising body temp

External use : parasiticide