SOME ARE ASKING...what is a chem trail? and  is this just another conspiracy concept?

I can attest to the fact they are real...I lived in Arizona for about 2 years and seen first hand the experimenting going on there...there was not a day in the sky that you did not see a pattern being weaved....One day I even seen the ozone sky on each side of a black dark line which allowed us to see outer broad daylight...there was an airplane flying in the same wake spouting out another powdery material to seal it up. Here are some links that may inform you more....there are things as well that

can remove barium oxide from the system as well as aluminum....vitamin C combined with NAC....sodium alginate, serrepeptase, sea weed, iodine, bee pollen any plant that will cause more of a muscilage component so that you can cough this stuff out of the lungs such as comfrey root with slippery elm amd marsh mallow, Alpha Lipoic Acid Vitamin E ( use olive oil or a wheat germ oils most commercial vitamin E's are soy derived and will be toxic) if you want to buy a vitamin E then use a rice bran oil or olive oil or wheat derived source....

make teas such as  iceland moss, irish moss, and hyssop this will strenghten lungs and assist in prtoection or correction of TB...

Make sure you are using things such as tomato paste, from  a bottle ( no cans if you can help it ) heat in an olive oil or pumpkin seed oil , use paprika in oil or in combo with tomato paste or tomato products such as catsup , use tumeric and carrot as well

Make sure Garlic and Onion with grapefruit and ginger are a part of this regimen as well ( go to and then type in herbsplusbeadworks to see how to make a remedy with this combo )

Their is another web page that may offer data and answers to health issues or to maintain the health you have.....

there is an ol saying ....."he who has eyes to see let them see he who has ears to hear let them hear" Open your eyes and listen can make a difference!!!!